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A/C and Heat
Name Bill Ginn
company Presto Air.LLC
phone 941-876-1062
company Ocean Air/A/C units
phone 941-625-8900
Name Marty Reitveld
company Instant AC, Refrig & Heat
phone 941-625-1290
email InstantAirInc@yahoo.com
Name Cozi Ingerham
company Four Seasons Air Conditioning, Inc.
phone 941-627-2132
email Cozi@4seasonsac.com
Name Brenda Lynch
company Strang, Olsen, and Lynch CPAS
phone 941-639-0888
website http://www.sol-cpas.com
address 334 W Olympia Ave
Name Scott Joiner
company Scott Joiner CPA PLLC
phone 941-206-0077
email SJoiner@jscpa.org
Name Mike Walsh
company Koch, Zeman, & Walsh
phone 941-637-0544
website http://www.kochcpas.com
address 225 W Virginia
Name David Lassey
company Appliance Works
phone 941-575-9460
Name Nancy Milback
company Appraisal Specialist of SWFL
phone 941-916-0506
email Appraisals5705@aol.com
Name Guy Flowers
company Probate Attorney
phone 941-235-0708
Name Richard Rosenbaum
company Probate Attorney
phone 941-255-5220
Name Mark Martella
company Martella Law Firm
phone 941-205-3300
address 265 E Marion Ave
Name Jill C. McCrory
company McCrory Law Firm
phone 941-205-1122
website http://www.mccrorylaw.com
address 309 S Tamiami Trl
email Jill@MMcCroryLaw.com
company Farr Law Firm
phone 941-639-1158
Auto Repair
Name Steve
company Steve's Auto Shoppe
phone 941-505-7467
address 305 Tamiami Trl
Boat & Marine Services
company Veterans Marine Service Inc
phone 941-740-1488
Name Antonio Suares
company Dive Work
phone 941-380-1748
address Cleaning, search & recovery
Name Doug Buuck
company All Marine Canvas
phone 941-637-9898
website 941-626-6627
company Ask us for a list/recommendations
Cleaning & Handyman Services
Name Brian Lofsten
company Fresh-N-Up
phone 941-255-9722
address Carpet & Tile Cleaning
Name Dave Beck
company Dave Beck the Handyman
Name Kevin Koch
company After a Disaster
phone 866-509-4561
website http://www.aadisaster.com
Name Bob Fraser
company Bob's Pressure Washing
phone 941-916-8303
email bobmfraser@gmail.com
Name Sue Garand
company St. Andrews South Golf Club
phone 941-639-5261
email sgarand@standrewssouth.com
Name Jake Williams
company Isles Yacht Club
phone 941-639-7551
email iyc@islesyc.com
Name James Cull
company Freedom Boat Club
phone 941-716-1333
email JCull@FreedomBoatClub.com
Name Philip White
company Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club
phone 941-629-5131
email philipbowhite@gmail.com
General Contractors
Name Ken Violette
company Ken Violette Inc
phone 941-240-6699
Government Offices
Name Punta Gorda
company Voter Registration
phone 941-637-2232
address 410 Taylor Rd
Name Charlotte County-Trash
company Utilities
phone 941-764-4360
Name Charlotte County-Water & Sewer
company Utilities
phone 941-764-4300
Name non emergency
company Sheriff's Department
phone 941-639-2101
company Punta Gorda Zoning/Building Permits
phone 941-575-3324
Name Cindy or Shelley
company Punta Gorda Utilities Billing
phone 941-639-2528
company Punta Gorda Utilities
phone 941-575-5088
Name non emergency
company Punta Gorda Police
phone 941-639-4111
Name Howard Kunik
company Punta Gorda City Manager
phone 941-575-3301
Name Randy Broderson
company Punta Gorda Canal Maintenance
phone 9416575-5050
Name Charlotte County
company Drivers Licenses
phone 941-743-1350
Name Ray Sandrock
company County Administrator
phone 941-743-1944
address 18500 Murdock Circle
Name Police-non emergency
company City of Punta Gorda
phone 941-639-4111
website http://www.ci.punta-gorda.fl.us
Name Donna Barrett
company Charlotte-DeSoto Building Industry
phone 941-625-0804
email Donna@cdbia.cm
Name Zoning, Building Permits
company Charlotte County
phone 941-743-1201
Name Port Charlotte
company Auto Registration
phone 941-743-1944
address 18500 Murdock Circle
Name Port Charlotte
company Auto & Voter Registration
phone 941-743-1944
address 18500 Murdock Circle
Home Inspectors
Name Bob Massanova
company SWFL Home Inspections
phone 941-493-4334
Name Phillip Shaw
company PG Goodman Inspections LLC
phone 941-875-3980
email pshaw859@gmail.com
Name Paul Maggiore
company Maggiore Home Inspections
phone 941-815-0214
email Paul@MaggioreInspections.com
Name Wesley Kelting
company Kelting Home Inspections & Services,LLC
phone 941-655-8888
email keltinginspections@comcast.net
Name Todd Miller
company HomeSpec Certified Inspections,Inc.
phone 941-270-1349
email Charles@homespecfl.com
Home Services
Name Tony
company Tri City Water Concepts
address water filtration, softening, consulting, wells, etc.
Name Kyle Allen
company The Groutsmith
phone 941-467-335
email groutsmith027@yahoo.com
Name Gary
company Spectrum Painting
phone 941-639-1115
Name Paul Maggio
company Servpro of Port Charlotte
phone 941-484-7777
email PaulM@ServproOfVenice.com
Name Sprinklers
company Schaefers Irrigation
phone 941-625-5875
Name Wade Reeves
company Reeves Electric
phone 941-629-0736
Name Kirk Bruns
company Quality Rescreening
phone 941-625-9765
address Port Charlotte FL
Name Tim Short
company Painting by Tim Short
phone 941-235-1024
Name George Pace
company Pace Painting
phone 941-270-0295
Name Nick Gilletti
company Nick's Tile Co Inc
phone 941-629-5624
company Garage Doors over Charlotte
phone 941-625-6258
Name Gary Cristina
company Cristina Roofing
Name June Amara
company Creative Window Treatments
phone 941-637-0015
email creative_window@comcast.net
company Concrete Maintenance Systems
phone 941-639-4520
Name Ed Meeker
company Clearview Professional Services
Name Joe Shiro
company Charley's Re-Screen
phone 813-781-5251
address Screening Repair
Name Al
company All Phases of Aluminum
phone 941-286-8092
address Rescreening, Lanais, Pool Cages
Name Carlene Zeches
company Z Interior Decorations
phone 614-226-8994
email Zinteriors@aol.com
Home Warranty
Name Khoa Nguyen
company BPG (Buyers Protection Group)
phone 813-493-2846
email Knguyen@bpgwi.com
Home Watch
Name Bob Myers
company HomeWatch Group of SWFL
phone 941-769-2967
Name Alex Martin
company Whitco Insurance Agency
phone 941-257-0692
email Alexia@Whitcoinsurance.com
Name Brian Chapman Jr
company State Insurance
phone 941-979-8426
website http://www.cigFlorida.com
email brian@cigflorida.com
Name Brian Chapman
company State Farm Insurance
phone 941-625-9998
email Kimberly.Service.mgb2@StateFarm.com
Name Jim Nolan
company Nolan Family Insurance Agency
phone 941-639-1122
address 301 W Marion Ave
Name Mike Martin
company Mike Martin-State Farm Agent
phone 941-505-2550
email MikeMartininsurance@gmail.com
Name Maria DiMuro
company L&S Insurance
phone 888-244-7400
Name Jerry Hardy
company Integrity Insurance Agency
phone 941-766-1411
email Suzanne@integrityin.com
Name Heather Reichle
company Great Florida Insurance
phone 941-564-6540
website http://www.northport.greatflorida.com
email heather@greatflorida.com
company AAA Auto Insurance
phone 941-627-1544
Lawn Services
Name Andrew Eagan
company Stumps R Us
phone 941-480-1920
Name Sean Moore
company Green Leaf Worm Farm
phone 941-626-5970
Name Gary Cristina
company Cristina Lawn Service
phone 941-815-1564
Name Jason Reidenbach
company Big Oasis lawn & Landscape
phone 941-456-2143
email 4BigOasis@gmail.com
Name Jason Reidenbach
company Big Oasis lawn & Landscape
phone 941-456-2143
email 4BigOasis@gmail.com
company Shremshock Surveying, Inc
phone 941-423-8875
email ShremshockSurveying@comcast.net
Name Sam Jenkins
company Sam Jenkins Design
phone 941-223-5987
address Graphics, business cards,etc.
Name Rich Emch
company Raymond James & Associates
phone 941-627-4774
email Rich.Emch@raymondjames.com
Name Beth Magnin
company Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association (PGICA)
phone 941-637-0309
company John's Shoe Repair
phone 941-743-2929
address 4549 #28 Tamiami Trl
Name Dave Foster
company Exchange Resource Group
phone 850-889-1031
email Dave@erg1031.com
Name Leslee Peth
company Charlotte Sun Newspapers
phone 941-205-6400
email LPeth@Sun-Herald.com
Mortgage Lenders
Name Toby Lynn
company The Mortgage Firm
phone 941-356-6579
website http://www.ThePerfectMortgageSolution.com
address 2511 Vasco St
email Toby.Lynn@TheMortgageFirm.com
Name Todd Woodcock
company Responsible Reverse Mortgage
phone 941-624-4804
email todd.woodcock@responsiblereverse.com
Name Robin Lindecamp
company Regions Bank
phone 941-261-6741
address 1401 Tamiami Trl
email robin.lindecamp@regions.com
Name Odette Embury
company Peoples Mortgage
phone 941-883-4761
website http://OdetteEmburyHomeLoans.com
address 17839 Murdock Circle
email oembury@pb.biz
Moving Services
Name Penny Gwen
company The Treasure Chest Consignments
phone 941-916-9498
Name Phil Fromholz
company Phil the Mover
phone 941-954-3838
Name JJ Leffler
company JJ's Movers
phone 941-799-4911
Name Eric Schenkel
company Above the Rest Moving Inc
Pest Control
Name Truly Nolan
phone 941-625-1535
address outside-Rich
Toll Free Phone inside-Greg Dean
company Mosquito Nix
phone 866-343-1630
address mosquito control system
Name Audra Snyder
company Hughes-Topps Exterminators
phone 941-629-3033
email ASnyder@Hughes-Exterminators.com
company Good News Pest Solutions Inc
phone 941-412-9610
Pet Services
Name Lesley & Greg Baber
company Fur to Feathers Pet Sitting Services
phone 941-661-2476
website http://www.fur-to-feathers.com
email lesandgreg@gmail.com
company Charlotte Animal Hospital
phone 941-625-6111
Name Pete
company Rays Plumbing
phone 941-205-2133
company Pat the Plumber
phone 941-575-1378
Name Tom Thornberry
company Charlotte Plumbing
phone 941-625-9981
Name Tony
company Anthony Recine Plumbing
phone 941-769-9030
Pool Services
company True Blue
Name Ted Taft
company Teds Pools
phone 239-772-9555
address Leak Detection, Pool Repair
Name Chris Hill
company Leslie's Pools
phone 941-505-7778
address 615 Cross Street
company Howard's Pool Services
phone 941-474-2447
Name Rose Klempner
company Flex-Path,Inc.
phone 941-235-1000
email FlexPath@embarqmail.com
Name Pete Allbright
company Allbright Plastering
phone 941-255-5586
Student News Daily
Title Companies
Name Kay Keller
company Suncoast One Title & Closings
phone 357 W Marion Ave
address 357 W Marion Ave
email kay@suncoastone.com
Name Richard Yankowski
company Stewart Title
phone 941-255-377
email Carolyn.McManus@Stewart.com
Name Maureen Rosenbaum
company Premier Title of Florida
phone 941-235-3116, ext. 206
email MRosenbaum@PremierTitlefl.net
Name Nacole Klootwyk
company Hometown Title & Closing Services, LLC
phone 941-505-0001
email HometownTitlellc@yahoo.com